Drum Heads by Ryan Smith

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DRUM HEADS! I think it is time to talk about drum heads. Why do I suggest to all of my drum customers that they should upgrade their heads even on a brand new drum set? Well let me start by saying that I have played on or at least tried out just about every Remo, Evans and Aquarian drum head made. The simple answer is that the majority of the tone is generated from the batter side drum head (the one you hit). Every variation of drum head will change the tone of your drums. There are single ply, two ply, coated, oil filled and even different colors all with unique tonal characteristics. The drum heads that come from the factory are generally clear single ply heads. Most manufacturers do this because they assume you are going to upgrade to new heads so that you tailor the drums to your sound. If you are a hard rock player then you need a heavier two ply head like the Remo Pinstripes or Evans G2 or Hydraulics. If you are a jazz guy might want to try the new Evans Calftone or the Remo Coated Ambassador. If you are buying for a new young beginner you may want to put the blue or red Evans Hydrolics because they are very durable and look cool. My personal choice is currently the Evans Calftone heads for my toms, an Evans Genera Dry on my snare and an emad for the bass drum. I like a warm vintagy tone out of my toms, no ring in my snare and a big boomy bass. I play at a church that is not super loud or lively so I really don’t have to be concerned with the heads breaking. If you haven’t changed your heads in a while come in and check out what we have to offer. I just put some of the Blue Hydraulic heads on an entry level Mapex Rebel and the new Calftones on a really cool Gretsch jazz kit. As a perk if you bring your kit with you and upgrade to new heads we will swap the heads and tune it free of charge. If you need a new kit remember to get the heads that will suit your particular playing style.
Blue Hydraulic: