Education Center


Click-here-to-register-for-lessons-button Why Music     Music is a fun and exciting way to learn the skill and focus and discipline.  Statistics show children who participate in musical endeavors are more likely to excel in school.  Our world is about how we present ourselves.  Those who grow up with the performance experience tend to have higher self esteem and are more apt to reach their goals in the future.  Beacock Music is here to support you in your great adventure in music.
Quality Staff
Our staff comes from a wonderful mix of backgrounds and talents.  All of our teachers have degrees and/or many years of performance and teaching experience.  Many instructors have taught in public and private schools as well as on the college level.  Our goal is excellence in teaching. There are many reasons to take lessons and only excuses not to.  Whether you're dusting off the instrument you played in school, found that the workforce doesn't give you the creative outlet you need or your child is picking up an instrument for the first time, Beacock Music is the place to go to learn, grow and most importantly, play!!
Private Instruction
The Beacock Music Education Center feature education in all band, orchestra and percussion instruments.  We also have great teachers in the disciplines of piano, guitar, bass and the voice.  Theory, technique and performance styles from classical to jazz will be the focus of our lessons.  Private sessions are available for students beginner through advanced.  The Education Center prides itself in the quality of its instructors. Group-Classes We offer a variety of group classes several times a year for instrumentalists and vocalists, from beginning group courses to performance groups.  Classes include beginning piano, guitar and Garage Band!   Beacock Music Concert and Swing Band The Beacock Music Concert Band and Swing Band was started for people who may have missed learning how to play an instrument back in their school years, and now they regret it.  It is also for those people who played back in school, but have then spent many years building careers and raising families. Recital Hall Beacock Music is proud to offer our beautiful Recital Hall for all kinds of performances.  We feature exciting events and happenings throughout the year.  The Recital Hall may be rented for your event as well.  Contact the Education Center for rental information.