Private Music Lessons

The Beacock Music Education Center is the place to learn the instrument of your choice. All of our instructors have their degree, and have experience teaching private lessons and group classes.  Beacock Music was founded by music educators and on the principal that music is for everyone!  Whether you are young or old, a beginner or an advanced player, we have the teacher for you!
Monthly tuition is $120.00 per month for half-hour lessons and $240.00 per month for one-hour lessons. There is also a one-time registration fee of $25. The monthly rate is the same, regardless of the number of weeks in the month.
Registration and Inquiry
Please fill out the form below to inquire about, or register for private lessons.  Once the registration form is submitted, the Education Center will contact you to finalize registration.  Please feel free contact the Education Center directly at or (800) 729-7134.

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Beacock Music has offered the most unbelievable environment for my two boys for nearly 5 years. The atmosphere is positive and nurturing, and they tailor the experience to each child’s individual needs. I have been involved in music for 30 years and I have never known an organization as exceptional as this one. -Amy O’Hara Our kids have taken numerous classes at Beacock Music over the past few years ranging from group and individual piano, kindermusik, to themed summer choir classes. The kids have always had a lot of fun and really enjoy the recitals that follow a lot of the classes (even if we've had to spend hours playing the same track on the cd while driving to class to get the words right!) I am amazed at how much musical knowledge they seem to have acquired through these classes. Hats off to Beacocks for offering such a wide range of musical opportunities for everybody and cultivating a love of music in our kids. -Helen Grimshaw