Homeschool Classes


Beacock Music is proud to offer Homeschool classes!  These classes are open to any Homeschool student who wants to learn how to play music!  Many benefits await you for choosing to have your child enroll for music education at Beacock Music.

What We Have to Offer
  • Each of our instructors has several music degrees from various colleges and universities
  • Our instructors have taught various groups and will be able to provide your child with specific instrumental instructional assistance
  • New facilities
  • Safe, friendly, clean and professional environment
  • Two concerts per school year
  • Band, Orchestra, Guitar, Piano, Choir, Guitar Ensemble, Percussion and Music Theater classes in various levels
  • Homework listed online for students and parents to use as a reference
Homeschool Students – Sign Up!

All Homeschool Students are welcome to join our program here at Beacock Music!  Registration is quick and easy!  Simply fill out the registration form and submit to the Education Center via e-mail (, fax (360) 694-3752, mail (1420 SE 163rd Ave, Vancouver, WA 98683) or in person.

Where are the Homeschool classes held?

All classes are held on site at Beacock Music. We have a beautiful, professional facility on our upper level. Please feel free to come in and have a tour and sit in on classes. Please call the Education Center if you are interested!

What classes are offered?

We offer group classes for orchestra, band, guitar, piano, choir, percussion and musical theater for different ability levels.  See a full list of classes here.  Have questions about which class is the perfect fit for your student?  Don’t see the class you are looking for?  Contact the Education Center directly and they can help you find the perfect class!

What kind of instrument/supplies do I need?

Beacock Music sells or rents any instrument and supplies that you need for any Homeschool classes.  Instrument rental is month-to-month and can be exchanged at any time.  If you already have an instrument, a repair technician, instructor or sales associate needs to look at the instrument before class to make sure the instrument is in good working order.

When are classes held?

Classes are held Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Please see the schedule for class dates and times. Classes run from the first week in October until the end of May. Please see the calendar for school year schedule and Recital dates.  See a full 2014-2015 Class Schedule here.

What is the cost?

Tuition $35.00 for hour long classes and $52.50 for hour and a half classes per month plus rental of instrument. Tuition is paid monthly and billed to either a credit or debit card on the 25th of each month for the following month. No refunds are given if students drop mid-way through the year.

We plan and run our classes based on students who register in the fall. Classes are a year long commitment. If a class is closed, we can put your name on a waiting list.