Meet the Players

Ryan Smith
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Ryan Smith began his career with Beacock Music in 2002. He quickly rose to become the sales manager, and is responsible for the great customer service our customers expect from us! Ryan began playing the drums in late 1990 and has been hooked ever since. He enjoys participating in his church music groups and loves bringing music into the lives of all of his customers!
Jared Anderson
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Jared Anderson has been involved in everything music for as long as he can remember. From the mandolin to electric bass, to his favorite instrument - the acoustic guitar, if it has frets or strings, Jared can make music on it!
Jared considers himself a "tone-junky" and loves experimenting with different sounds with guitar pedals. He is particularly interested in the recording and pro-audio industry and maintains his own home studio. As someone who lives and breathes music, Jared enjoys anything from Irish Folk to Punk and Hardcore genres, but mostly plays Indie and Roots Rock. With this extensive background and music involvement, Jared excels at providing great customer service and coming alongside musicians in their music pursuits.
Greg Marx
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Greg has been working for Beacock Music since 2011. As a longtime customer before beginning work, Greg was attracted to the close, family atmosphere of Beacock Music. He has been playing guitar for over 10 years and has taken years of lessons from many of the teachers in our Education Center. Greg is very knowledgeable in all things related to guitar and bass, and is an important resource for our customers here at Beacock Music. In his free time, he maintains his own home studio where he records his own music, and helps produce material for other bands. As someone who loves many different styles of music, he loves to play anything from metal and hardcore to jazz and acoustic music. Greg provides excellent customer service for anyone at our store and is happy to help with anything!
 Tony Accetta
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Tony has been playing music for over eight years, starting out with the guitar and picking up piano and drums along the way. He had been a regular customer for years before joining the Beacock Music family in 2013. Tony worked in the repair shop for over a year, learning from some of the best technicians in the Northwest. He then moved to the sale floor, which he has enjoyed! While Tony is well versed in music and musical equipment, he continues to learn and grow from his experience at Beacock music.
Tracy Moody
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Tracy Moody is an active musician and loves providing excellent customer service as Print Music Manager. Having earned a Bachelor of Science in Music Education from Warner Pacific College, Tracy has a background in institutional and private music instruction, as well as piano pedagogy, theory, arranging, performing, and conducting. Currently she stays busy in the music field by accompanying and being involved in church music ministry. She particularly enjoys exploring the Musical Theater genre. At Beacock Music, Tracy specializes in school music, research projects, and helping customers find that perfect piano piece!  
Shainna Mihelich
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Shainna has been working at Beacock Music since 2010. She started during the craziness of instrument rental season, when it became apparent that her bubbly personality and creative spirit would be an asset to Beacock Music. Shainna has a love for coffee and singing! She also enjoys playing guitar, viola, and a little piano and ukulele. She will happily make you her favorite drink- the Iced Salted Caramel White Chocolate Mocha- or help you find your favorite piece of music!
Heather Bosch
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Heather is a coffee lover that has enjoyed learning about Stumptown Coffee and how to make one of the best lattes in the Northwest! In addition to creating amazing unique drink specials, she is always perfecting her latte art. Outside of work Heather’s biggest passion is photography. She loves taking pictures of landscapes. Heather has been singing in choirs since she was young. In addition, she has been singing in several worship teams her whole life. Since working at Beacock Music, she has decided to start playing piano and guitar. Education Center  
Lynette Jensen
Contact Lynette:  Lynette Jensen Email  Education Center Facebook Page Lynette Jensen began her career at Beacock Music in 2010. Having a great passion for music, she loves her work in the Education Center and in particular hearing the original compositions from students and teachers alike. Lynette takes pride and joy in providing top-notch service to customers and staff.  
Laura Sowards
Contact Laura:  Lynette Jensen Email  Education Center Facebook Page Laura joined Beacock Music in September, 2014. She has an extensive background in music composition and performance ranging from singer/songwriter gigs to full wind symphony ensemble compositions. Laura fronts a folk band as well as plays in several local groups of all genres. She plays anything with sticks, strings or keys, along with several wind instruments, and knows her way around a mixing board. Laura has been living and breathing music for as long as she can remember, and she loves working in the Education Center. She feels blessed to have the opportunity to work alongside doctorate level musicians that love what they do. She enjoys meeting the prospective students and matching them with the perfect instructor, and seeing them every week as they attend and enjoy their lessons is an amazing benefit!   Behind-the-Scenes
Keith Dwiggins
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Keith was born and raised in the Portland area. He started playing trombone in the 5th grade in 1976. He graduated from Rex Putnam High School with the honor of receiving the John Phillips Sousa award for the most talented senior musician as voted by his peers. He then went on to study music at the University of Oregon receiving a BMUS in merchandising. During college he performed with the Oregon Marching Band, Green Garter Band, Oregon Symphonic Band, U of O Symphony, Oregon Jazz Labs I and II, Oregon Trombone Ensemble, various brass quintets and musicals as well as The Ducks of Dixieland. Immediately after college he performed in the opening ceremonies of the 1990 Goodwill Games in Seattle, Washington. Keith started his 19 year “music store” career in 1990 right out of college where he has been sales manager and accounts receivable manager for Light’s Music Center in Eugene, General manager for Musicians Friend Eugene, General manager for Guitar Center in Eugene and Spokane, Sales manager for Guitar Center in Clackamas and is currently Purchasing Manager here at Beacock Music where he has been employed since August of 2004.
Ross Jackson
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Being the adventures of a young man whose principal interests are music, kittens and bacon, Ross joined our Shipping and Receiving department in 2011 and has helped the store grow with his hard work ethic and cute, spontaneous personality. He started playing bass in High School after discovering the band Primus and is currently laying low lines for the gut growling group Goathead. Here at our Beacock Music he helps make sure all items are ordered, arrive and priced correctly and quickly.