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Used Yamaha YOB-411 Oboe

This used Yamaha YOB-411 is in good cosmetic and playing condition. It has a new case, and has had a few pads replaced as well as an adjustment. Grenadilla wood body: Optimum tone quality and stability Modified conservatory system: Simplified conservatory key configuration with an added left-hand F lever, low B key G#/A# trill key, and F resonance key Silver-plated, nickel-silver keys: Highly durable and comfortable to play Trill Keys: F#/G#, G#/A#, B /B, B/C#, C/D Stainless steel screws: Prevent corrosion and ensure smooth, reliable action French taper pivot screws: Precise adjustment and long wear Steel needle springs: Comfortable feel and precise key balance
Price: $1,600.00