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Used Conn 10D Symphony Series Double Horn

This Used Conn 10D Symphony Series Double Horn is in good cosmetic and playing condition. It has been evaluated by our instrument repair department and had any necessary repairs made. Includes mouthpiece and case.

The Conn 10D provides control and focus with the flexibility of sound needed in chamber, solo and orchestral settings. The horn features a Geyer style wrap that allows ease of slurs throughout all registers as well as outstanding response and flexibiliy. The small throat, yellow brass bell creates a more compact, brighter sound. Other features include a reversible 4th rotor and adjustable thumb spatula to accomodate different hand sizes.

  • Key of F/Bb
  • .468" bore
  • Geyer wrap
  • 12" small throat yellow brass bell
  • yellow brass mouthpipe
  • branches and slide crooks
  • nickel silver slide tubes
  • tapered rotors and bearings
  • all string linkages
  • reversible 4th rotor
  • adjustable thumb spatula
  • clear lacquer finish
Price: $2,499.00