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Used Yamaha YFL-361 Intermediate Flute

This used Yamaha YFL-361 has been cleaned and repaired by our instrument repair department.  It includes a case.  

The headjoint is an important factor in determining the tone. The 300 Series flutes are feature, at a very affordable price, headjoint of 92.5% pure sterling silver, and a nickel silver body and foot for a dark warm tone.

CY Headjoint
Featuring a double flare taper and a unique embouchure hole undercut design for excellent response and a warm rich tone, the CY headjoint helps beginners quickly learn to produce a beautiful sound. More advanced players will appreciate its even, quick response in all registers.

Key Posts
Key posts have been thickened and redesigned for improved durability and strength to maintain accurate rod alignment.

All key shapes and placement have been ergonomically designed for a comfortable, natural-feeling performance. The keys are hand-assembled and adjusted for perfect balance and 'touch'.

Adjustment Screws
Yamaha's unique screw resistance inserts allow smooth adjustments while preventing gradual loosening of the screws. For easier access, the screw positioning has been changed.

Alignment Marks
Footjoint alignment marks facilitate proper fitting by young players.

  • Key systems: Offset G
  • Key types: Ring keys
  • E mechanism: no
  • Toneholes: Drawn & curled
  • Body & footjoint: Nickel silver (Silver-plated)
  • Key: Nickel silver (Silver-plated)
  • Headjoint & lip plate: Sterling silver
Price: $799.00