Rent to Own Drum Sets

Put-Some-Music-Into-Christmas-This-Year   We continuously hear from parents how hard it is for them to nurture their children’s love of drums.  It’s either too complicated (how do you tune a drum set?), too expensive (cymbals are how much?) or too risky (is that used online drum set really a good deal?). Beacock Music is excited to announce an easy, affordable, economical, risk free solution- Rent to Own Drum Sets! Each rent to own drum set includes the following: Whether this drum set is for a child, teenager or adult, the Pearl Export and Zildjian Cymbals can last them a lifetime, or can be returned the next day!  At the end of the chosen time period- the drum set is yours.  It’s that easy.  Delivery, setup and tuning is available as well, just ask us! All you have to do is chose your monthly payment:
  • 36 months = $38/month
  • 24 months = $49/month
  • 12 months = $89/month
There is also an optional $7 per month Repair and Replacement coverage.  This will cover any damage that could (and does) happen to the cymbals, hardware or drum shells.  The payments are month-to-month, and the drum set can be returned at any time.
The hardest decision you are going to have to make is which color!
*This rent to own option is currently available only to local customers.
Beacock Music Contact Information:
(800) 729-7134
1420 SE 163rd Ave
Vancouver, WA 98683