Instrument Repair


Jared Lemen, Instrument Repair Department Manager, gives an overview of our award winning Instrument Repair Department!

Who We Are     Beacock Music Repair is your full-service instrument repair shop for Oregon and Washington! Our five-technican team is experienced in all aspects of repair on brass and woodwind instruments, orchestral strings, and fretted instruments. Our full team includes our two shop assistants and our manager, Jared Lemen. Together, we're here to help you keep your instrument in top condition so you can play better and have more fun making music.  Meet our technicians and read their bios here. What We Do     Short and sweet: We make it easier and more fun for our customers to make music! There’s no getting around it—Musical instruments require regular maintenance to play their best. With your instrument in top condition, you’ll play better with less effort. We help make that happen. Why You Should Come See Us     Every day, we see players who are fighting their instruments without even knowing it! Come see us for a free checkup and estimate on your brass, woodwind, or string instrument. We're the only repair shop in the Portland Metro area with technicians on duty seven days a week!