Saxophone Day 2017

Saxophone Day 2017

Saxophone Day, 2017 is Saturday February 18th

Up to 18 Months No Interest Financing Available on select instruments

Receive a FREE months worth of lessons when you purchase any saxophone!

Expanded inventory

Used alto saxophones starting at $500

Special demo and clearance pricing on select models

Mark your calendars for Saxophone Day 2017!  Saturday, February 18th, from 9:00am-6:00pm is your day to come try out a saxophone! Beacock Music will have a large selection of intermediate and professional level instruments and accessories.  Used Saxophones will be available starting at $500.  Vendors such as Yamaha, Cannonball, Eastman, Yanagisawa, and Conn-Selmer will be bringing in extra inventory of saxophones just for you to try!  Low monthly payments will be available with special financing, and we will have special pricing on select models.  Purchase a qualifying instrument and you will receive a full month worth of lessons!

Here is a sneak peek of the inventory that will be on hand on Saturday!

Alto Saxophones

Model Description Price
YAS-23 Used Yamaha Student Alto Saxophone $799
Used Cannonball Wizard Alto Saxophone, Black and Gold $799
USED-A1-BL Used Cannonball A1-BL Black/Gold Big Bell Alto Sax $1,299
EAS640-BB Used Eastman 600 Series Alto Saxophone, Black $1,400
EAS640-GL Eastman Professional Alto Saxophone, Gold Lacquer $2,464
ASCEP-BL Cannonball Sceptyr Alto Sax, Black with Gold Keys $2,500
EAS640-VL Eastman Professional Alto Sax, Dark Vintage Lacquer $2,568
SAS280RB Selmer La Voix II Performance Alto Sax, Black Nickel Plate $2,569
YAS-580AL Yamaha Allegro Alto Sax $2,699
ASOL200 Selmer Performance Soloist Alto Sax $2,799
AS42 Selmer AS42 Professional Alto Saxophone $3,009
YAS-62III Yamaha Professional Alto Saxophone $3,092
AS42B Selmer 42 Alto Sax, Black w/ Silver Plated Keys and Neck $3,129
EAS652RL Eastman 52nd Street Alto Saxophone, Unlacquered Brass $3,200
A5 Cannonball Mad Meg Alto Sax, Unlacquered $3,300
AWO1 Yanagisawa Professional Alto Saxophone $3,339
AVR/20-BR Cannonball 20th Anniversary Vintage Reborn "The Brute" $3,500
AKEY-L Cannonball AKEY-L Key Series Pro Alto Sax $3,500
T5-20 Cannonball 20th Anniversary Big Bell Stone Series $3,700
YAS-875EXII Yamaha YAS-875EXII Custom Alto Sax $4,205
52AXOS Selmer Axos Series Alto Saxophone $4,299
AWO10 Yanagisawa Elite Alto Saxophone $4,459
62JBL Used Selmer Series III Model 62 Jubilee Alto Saxophone $4,500
YAS-875EXIIS  Yamaha Custom Series Alto Saxophone, Silver Plated $4,566
YAS-875EXIIB Yamaha Custom Series Alto Sax, Black Lacquer $4,566
54JU Selmer Paris Series II Jubilee Edition Super Action 80 $7,199
B5-B Cannonball Black Nickel Big Bell Pro Bari Sax $7,422
62JM Selmer Paris Series III Jubilee Edition Alto Sax, Matte $7,469
Soprano Saxophone
ESS642-GL Eastman Professional Soprano Saxophone, Gold Lacquer $2,352
YSS-475II Yamaha YSS-475II Intermediate Soprano Saxophone $2,566
S5B Cannonball Black Straight Soprano $2,600
ESS652RL Eastman 52nd Street Soprano Sax, Unlacquered Brass $2,944
SS901 Yanagisawa SS901 Professional Soprano Saxophone $3,419
YSS-82ZR Yamaha Pro Soprano Saxophone with Curved Neck $4,519
YSS-82Z Yamaha Pro Soprano Saxophone with Straight Neck $4,750
YSS-82ZRS Yamaha Pro Soprano Sax with Curved Neck,  Silver Plated $4,750
YSS-82ZS Yamaha Pro Soprano Sax with Straight Neck, Silver Plated $4,750
Tenor Saxophone
TSCEP-BL Cannonball Sceptyr Tenor Sax, Black with Gold Keys $2,700
ETS640-GL Eastman Professional Tenor Saxophone, Gold Lacquer $2,952
STS280RS Selmer La Voix II Performance Tenor Sax, Silver Plate $2,989
STS280RB Selmer La Voix II Performance Tenor Sax, Black Nickel $2,989
ETS640-VL Eastman Professional Tenor Sax, Dark Vintage Lacquer $3,048
ETS640-BB Eastman Professional Tenor Sax, Black Nickel Plated $3,048
TS44 Selmer Pro Tenor Saxophone $3,049
ETS640-BS Eastman Pro Tenor, Black Nickel Plated Body, Silver Keys $3,208
YTS-580AL Yamaha Allegro Tenor Sax $3,299
TS44B Selmer Pro Tenor Sax, Black and Silver $3,329
T5-BL Cannonball Big Bell Stone Series Tenor, Black and Gold $3,500
TWO1 Yanagisawa Professional Tenor Saxophone $3,589
TVR/20-BR Cannonball 20th Anniversary Vintage Reborn "The Brute" $3,700
TKEY-L Cannonball TKEY-L Key Series Professional Tenor Sax $3,800
YTS-82ZII Yamaha YTS-82ZII Custom Z Tenor Saxophone $4,822
TWO20 Yanagisawa Elite Tenor Saxophone $6,099
74 Selmer Paris Reference 54 Tenor Saxophone $8,689
Baritone & Bass Saxophone
YBS62 Yamaha Professional Baritone Saxophone $8,597
B991 Yanagisawa Professional Baritone Saxophone $9,039
N/A Used Conn 1926 New Wonder Bass Saxophone $9,999