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Alex Kaufman

Available Mondays

Alex Kaufman

Guitar, Piano, Ukulele, Electric Bass Instructor

Alex Kaufman has been playing in bands and teaching music for over 10 years. His passion for music and pedagogy developed in High School and drove him to pursue jazz studies at the University of Nevada, Reno. During his studies he had the opportunity to learn from a variety of instructors including Hans Halt, Ed Corey, Joey Berger, and Peter Epstein. He has played piano and guitar in variety of groups and settings. Whether it be learning simple pop songs or analyzing complex chord progressions, he is dedicated to helping his students become better musicians. While studying at Reno, Alex was also a member of the local band Ditch the Pilot. His group was mentioned in the Reno Gazette-Journal as one of 2011’s top CDs from Reno-area bands. Alex also organized local jam sessions and contributed to Reno's jazz and rock scenes. One of Alex’s best qualities is his interest in music of different cultures and genres. He is ready for any challenge and enjoys a variety of genres including: jazz, classical, flamenco, folk, country, bluegrass, funk, gypsy jazz, rock, metal, blues, and ambient. Alex tailors his lessons to fit the student. He is happy to help students interested in learning how to play a song, read music, understand music theory, develop ear training, read complex rhythms, play from a chart, improvise, or compose. He believes that a diverse understanding of music is important to help anyone reach their full potential and discover their unique musical voice. If you have a question for Alex, or wish to contact him, please fill out the form below. The message will be passed along to the Education Center and they will get back to you.

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