Yamaha Band Day, 2016

Yamaha Band Day 2016
Saturday, December 3rd, is the day to come try out a Yamaha band instrument!  Beacock Music will have a large selection of intermediate and professional level instruments and accessories.  We will have a preview on Friday, December 2nd from 9:00am-8:00pm if you can't make it on Saturday.  On Saturday we will have Yamaha giveaways and prizes all day long!  Saturday is also a double rebate day, meaning you can get up to $200 off an instrument!  As an added bonus, anyone that purchases an Yamaha instrument on Saturday will receive a free month worth of lessons!

12 Months No Interest Financing Available

Receive a FREE months worth of lessons when you purchase a qualifying instrument!

Double rebate on the instruments listed below

Free Gift Wrap!!!

Yamaha Mail In Rebate Program | Form and Details Below

Mail in Rebate Form can be filled out here.

Sneak Peek of Instruments that will be available on Saturday

Yamaha Intermediate Flute $1,799.99
YFL-577HCT Yamaha Professional Flute, Sterling Silver Headjoint $2,935.99
YFL-784H Yamaha Professional Flute, Sterling Silver $5,936.99 $4,464.99
YPC-62 Yamaha Intermediate Piccolo, Grenadilla Wood $2,272.99
YPC-81R Yamaha Professional Handmade Piccolo, Grenadilla Wood $3,275.99
YCL-CSVR Yamaha CSVR Custom Professional Bb Clarinet $3,089.99
YCL-CSGII Yamaha G Series Custom Bb Clarinet $4,171.99
YCL-CSVRA Yamaha CSVRA Custom Professional A Clarinet $3,811.99
YCL-221II Yamaha Harmony Bass Clarinet $2,189.99
YCL-621 Professional Bass Bb Wood Clarinet to Low Eb $7,849.99
YOB-441M Yamaha Intermediate Oboe $3,370.99
YOB-841 Yamaha Custom Professional Oboe $6,303.99
Yamaha Intermediate Alto Saxophone, Lacquered $2,699.99
YAS-62III Yamaha Professional Alto Saxophone, Lacquered $3,091.99
YAS-82ZII Yamaha Custom Z Alto Saxophone, Lacquered $4,204.99
Yamaha Intermediate Tenor Saxophone, Lacquered $3,299.99
YTS-62III Yamaha Professional Tenor Saxophone, Lacquered $3,443.99
YTS-82ZII Yamaha Custom Z Tenor Saxophone, Lacquered $4,821.99
YSS-475II Yamaha Intermediate Soprano Saxophone, Lacquered $2,565.99
YSS-82ZS Yamaha Custom Z Soprano Saxophone, Silver Plated $4,750.99
YBS-62 Yamaha Professional Baritone Saxophone, Lacquered $8,596.99
Yamaha Intermediate Trumpet, Silver Plated $1,899.99
YTR-8310ZS Yamaha Custom Z Professional Trumpet, Silver Plated $2,438.99
YTR-8335IIG Yamaha Xeno Trumpet, Gold Brass Bell $2,417.99
YTR-8335IIS Yamaha Xeno Trumpet, Silver Plated $2,567.99
YTR-8345IIGS Yamaha Xeno Trumpet, Silver Plated $2,567.99
YTR-9335NYS Yamaha Artist Model Xeno Professional Trumpet, Silver Plated $4,651.99
YTR-9445NYSII Yamaha Artist Model Xeno New York C Trumpet, Silver Plated $4,651.99
YTR-9825 Yamaha Custom Bb/A Piccolo Trumpet, Silver Plated $4,101.99
YHR-668NII Yamaha Professional Double Horn, Nickel Plating $4,469.99
YFH-631G Yamaha Professional Flugelhorn, Yellow Brass Body $1,912.99
YFH-8310Z Yamaha Bobby Shew Custom Z Flugelhorn, Yellow Brass Body $2,766.99
YFH-8310ZS Yamaha Bobby Shew Custom Z Flugelhorn, Silver Plated $2,916.99
YSL-891Z Yamaha Custom Z  Trombone, Yellow Brass Bell $2,249.99
Yamaha Intermediate Trombone $2,299.99
YSL-882GOR Yamaha Professional Xeno Trombone, Gold Brass Bell $3,359.99
YBL-830 Yamaha Professional Bass Trombone, Yellow Brass Bell $4,469.99
YEP-321 Yamaha Intermediate 4-Valve Euphonium $2,388.99
YCB-822S Yamaha Custom Tuba, Silver Plated $13,647.99
YV-2700GC Yamaha 3 Octave Intermediate Vibraphone, Gold $5,199.99

Qualifying Band Instruments

Model Consumer Rebate Model Consumer Rebate Model Consumer Rebate Model Consumer Rebate
32 $50.00 4xx $50.00 52 $50.00 4xx $50.00
62 $100.00 8xx $100.00 62 $100.00 6xx $100.00
8x $100.00 YFG YTR 8xx $100.00
YFL 8xx $100.00 3xx $50.00 YHR
3xx $50.00 YSS 4xxx $50.00 5xx $50.00
4xx $50.00 475 $50.00 5xxx $50.00 6xx $100.00
5xx $100.00 8xx $100.00 6xxx $100.00 8xx $100.00
6xx $100.00 YAS 8xxx $100.00 YAH
7xx $100.00 3xx $50.00 9xxx $100.00 8xx $100.00
8xx $100.00 4xx $50.00 YCR YBH
9xx $100.00 5xx $50.00 6xxx $100.00 3xx $50.00
Axxx $100.00 6xx $100.00 8xxx $100.00 6xx $100.00
Bxxx $100.00 8xx $100.00 9xxx $100.00 8xx $100.00
4xx $50.00 3xx $50.00 6xxx $100.00 3xx $50.00
5xx $50.00 4xx $50.00 8xxx $100.00 6xx $100.00
6xx $100.00 5xx $50.00 YSL 8xx $100.00
8xx $100.00 6xx $100.00 4xx $50.00 TUBAS
Cxx $100.00 8xx $100.00 5xx $50.00 3xx $50.00
Sxx $100.00 6xx $100.00 6xx $100.00
8xx $100.00 8xx $100.00

Qualifying String Instruments

Model Consumer Rebate Model Consumer Rebate Model Consumer Rebate Model Consumer Rebate
Violin AVA7 15-161/2" $50.00 Violin SVV-200KBRO $50.00
AV7-44G $50.00 Cello SV-130 All Colors $50.00 Cello
AV7-44SG $50.00 AVC7-44SG $100.00 SV130S All Colors $50.00 SVC-50SK $50.00
AV10-44G $50.00 AVC20-44G $100.00 SV-200 All Colors $50.00 SVC-110SK $100.00
AV10-44SG $50.00 SV-250 $100.00 SVC-210SK $100.00
AV20-44G $100.00 SV-255 $100.00 Bass
AV20-44SG $100.00 SVB-100SK $100.00
SVB-200SK $100.00
*Offer valid only on purchase of specific Yamaha models, from an authorized Yamaha dealer, between October 1, 2016 to December 31, 2016. Eligible model(s) are listed at 4wrd.it/SUTY2016. Rebate is only valid on new instruments. Rebate is NOT payable at the retail store. Requests from groups, organizations or institutions will not be honoured. For instructions on submitting your promotional claim online, see instructions at 4wrd.it/SUTY2016. All claims must be submitted online via 4wrd.it/SUTY2016., and must be received by Jan 31st 2017. Late submissions will not be accepted. Proof of submission is not proof of receipt. No responsibility is assumed for faulty transmissions or any failure or interruption of electronic communications. Claim must include serial number of purchased model, plus an electronic copy of your original sales receipt identifying the model purchased, the authorized Yamaha dealer. Offer valid only in the 50 United States and D.C. Promotional items will not be mailed to addresses outside the 50 United States or D.C. No P.O. boxes (other than in ND). Limit one claim per household, per product, and per address, as allowed by law. All claims are subject to validation. Yamaha reserves the right to request additional information to validate any claim. Allow 6 to 8 weeks for validation and issuance of promotional item. Void where prohibited, taxed or restricted. Fraudulent submissions will not be honoured and may be prosecuted. Cannot be combined with any other offer. If you have questions about the status of your promotion, email us at support@yamahamusicrewards.com or call toll free 1-877-922-4483.