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Eugene location - (541) 653-9929
Mon-Sat 10-6

Conn-Selmer Instrument Sale

Vancouver location- Saturday, November 10th
Eugene location- Saturday, November 17th

Join Beacock Music in November as we celebrate and showcase band instruments from the Conn-Selmer family.  These honored brands include Bach, Selmer, Yanagisawa, King, Armstrong, LeBlanc, and more.  

  • Special Event Pricing
  • Special Event Financing
  • Expanded Selection
  • New and Used Instruments for Sale
Armstrong 303B Intermediate Flute
Armstrong 303BOS Intermediate Flute
Armstrong 800BEF Flute
Selmer Paris Prologue Seles Bb Clarinet
Selmer CL211 Performance Clarinet
LeBlanc L225N Serenade Clarinet
LeBlanc Performance Series Soloist Clarinet
 Bass Clarinets
LeBlanc Model 60 Bass Clarinet
LeBlanc "USA" L7166 Bass Clarinet
LeBlanc L7168 Bass Clarinet
 Alto Saxophones
Selmer Paris SeleS AXOS Alto Sax
Selmer Paris 52JU Series II Jubilee Edition Alto Saxophone
Selmer Paris Series III Model 62 Jubilee Edition Alto Saxophone
Selmer AS42M Professional Alto Saxophone, Brushed Matte Finish
Selmer SAS280RB La Voix II Intermediate Alto Saxophone, Black
Yanagisawa AW01 Alto Saxophone
Yanagisawa AWO10 Alto Saxophone
 Tenor Saxophones
Selmer 54JM Series II Jubilee Edition Tenor Saxophone, Matte Finish
Selmer 64JBL Series III Jubilee Edition Tenor Sax, Black Lacquer
Selmer STS280RB LaVoix II Performance Tenor Saxophone, Black Nickel Plate
Selmer TS44W Warburton Edition Professional Tenor Saxophone
Yanagisawa TWO1 Tenor Saxophone
 Baritone Saxophone
Yanagisawa BWO1 Baritone Saxophone
Yanagisawa BWO10 Elite Baritone Saxophone
 Selmer BS400 Baritone Saxophone
 Soprano Saxophone
Yanagisawa SCWO10 Curved Soprano Saxophone
Selmer 132 Intermediate Bassoon
Selmer Model 1432B Student Bassoon
Bach 180S37 Stradivarius Trumpet, Silver
Bach 180S43 Stradivarius Trumpet, Silver
Bach 180S72 Stradivarius Trumpet, Silver
Bach 190S37 Strad 50th Anniversary Trumpet
Bach 190S43 Stradivarius Trumpet, Silver
Bach AB190 Professional Bb Trumpet
King 2055S Silver Flair Performance Trumpet, Silver
Bach Professional Model AB190S Bb Trumpet
Bach LR180S43 Stradivarius Professional Trumpet with Reverse Leadpipe- Silver
Bach LT1901B Strad Commercial Series Trumpet
King Standard 3B Valve Trombone
Bach 2B Professional "Legend" Trombone
Bach Professional Model 42BO Tenor Trombone
Bach Professional Model 36BO Bb/F Tenor Trombone
Bach Model 42A Tenor Trombone with Hangmann Valve, Open Wrap
Bach 42BOF Stradivarius Trombone Outfit
Bach 50B3O Stradivarius Bass Trombone
Conn 52HL Tenor Trombone
Conn Professional Model 88HO Tenor Trombone
 Other Brass
King 1140W Upright 3-Valve Tuba
King 2341W 4-Valve Intermediate Tuba
Conn 7D Geyer Wrap Double French Horn
Conn 8D Double French Horn, Silver
King Legend Soloist 4-Valve Euphonium
Musser M31 4-Octave Windsor II Kelon Marimba with Concert Frame