Demetrius Frank

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Demetrius Frank


I’m a 27-year-old drummer from Portland, Oregon. I’ve played drums for nearly 15 years. I’ve taken lessons from working professionals and college educators for about 7 years continuing as I work towards my music education degree. As an educator I focus heavily on fundamentals and confidence which go hand and hand. I want to ensure my students have the skills to transcribe, analyze song forms and play the integral role we have as drummers on the band stand. I use Ted Reeds, ‘Syncopation’ and Stick Control by George Lawrence Stone as my main instruction material. In the text we'll learn to develop independents on all instruments of the drum-set as well as the control to have a rich and refined sound. I love the process of educating. In many ways I learn a lot from my students. A contribution to my mindsets and education style is nearly directly taken from Dr. Dan Siegal author of Whole Brain Child and Dr. Carol Dweck author of Mindsets. My mission is to help my student’s feel like they can learn and grow in music no matter their prior musical experience.

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