Electric Guitar Rental for $44.99 per month

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For our customers in Washington and Oregon, we offer a monthly rental of an electric guitar, amp, guitar bag, and instrument cable for $44.99 per month, with an optional $6 per month Repair and Replacement coverage.  This rental is available for kids and adults of any playing ability.  Brand and color of guitar will vary depending on availability.*

Guitar is available for local delivery, or in-store pick up.  

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Repair & Replacement Coverage

For your peace of mind, we offer "Repair and Replacement" coverage for rented instruments. A nominal monthly fee will protect you from loss and damage due to theft, fire, and vandalism (strings excluded). From time to time, your instrument may need some adjustments. We offer a professional full-service repair facility. Adjustments and minor repairs will be done free-of-charge for our rental customers.

Billing Options

For your convenience, we offer two ways to pay for your rental instrument.

  • Automatic debit to checking account.
  • Automatic credit card or debit card billing.

Don't Forget Classes

Beacock Music also offers instruction for musicians of all ages and ability. New classes are always starting for all instruments. For a complete schedule of upcoming classes call the Education Center at 360-694-7134.
Monthly tuition is $120.00 per month for half-hour lessons and $240.00 per month for one-hour lessons, with students taking lessons once a week. There is also a life-time registration fee of $25.
*Please note the monthly rate is the same, regardless of the number of weeks in the month.

*Rental applies to local customers only.  Brand and color subject to availability.  

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Electric Guitar Rental for $44.99 per month

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