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Orchestra Sizing Information

Violins and Small Violas

Violins and small violas are sized according to a student’s arm length. First, the student needs to extend his or
her arm out to the side of the body (not in front). The arm will need to be straight, and parallel to the ground.
Next, using a tape measure, measure the length of the arm from the neck to the end of the wrist. This length
corresponds to the length of the instrument and sizes listed below.

4/4 Violin - 23" Neck to Wrist Length
3/4 Violin - 21.5" Neck to Wrist Length
1/2 Violin - 20.5" Neck to Wrist Length
1/4 Violin - 18” Neck to Wrist Length
15" Viola - 24.5" Neck to Wrist Length
14” Viola - 23" Neck to Wrist Length
13” Viola - 21.5" Neck to Wrist Length
12” Viola - 20.5" Neck to Wrist Length
11” Viola - 18” Neck to Wrist Length



Cellos are sized differently than violins due to the seated position of the player. First have the student sit upright in a chair so the legs and body form a 90-degree angle. (Be sure the student is sitting up straight as this affects the measurement.) Measure a straight line from the left ear to the top of the left thigh. This length corresponds to the distance between the cello C peg and the top of the c-bout where the knees are positioned.

Cello Measurements C peg to Top C bout:
4/4 Cello - 22.5"
3/4 Cello - 20.5
1/2 Cello - 19.5"
1/4 Cello – 17.5”


You can measure two ways:

1st way: Measure the child's arm length from the shoulder socket to the tip of the index finger. 3/4- over 31" 1/4- 27-29" 1/2- 29.5- 30" 1/8- less then 25"

2nd way: Place the left hand down on a flat surface with the fingers spread out naturally. Measure the distance from the pinky to the index finger. 3/4- Over 5.5" 1/4- 3.5-4" 1/2- 4-5" 1/8- Under 3

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